Big Up for the Week

Big Up for the Week
This week we want to Big up all our fans from Russia, and all the hot beds of reggae Moscow and St. Petersburg

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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Can you Shuffle?

Hey Mad Peeps have you every seen the new variation of the Shuffle dance. It has the pulse and tempo of new EDM music and fits right in with the hard hitting bass drums and 140-160 beats per minute pace with some really cool dance moves.  

Here is a snippet of some Shuffle dance moves ....MAAAAD MI  TELL U

Too lazy to edit this so just watch the first dance sequence unless you really like EDM and POP Trance music then you can listen on but the sparkle is finished after 3min 20seconds

The Dance has its background in the Melbourne Shuffle (also known as Rocking or simply The Shuffle) and is a rave and club dance from the late 1980s in the underground rave music scene in Melbourne, Australia. The basic movements in the dance are a fast heel-and-toe action with a style that lends itself to today's various types of electronic music. 

It has evolved in recent years where it is mostly based on keeping in time with bass beats and more arm movements. You will notice it incorporates elements of "running man". The Shuffle has been seen in the past remember "Party Rockers Anthem" by LMFAO well same thing but it continues to develop with variations to the faster paced music.

It kinda cool wi nah lie maaaad what music can mek u do....Try it

Monday, February 27, 2017

Should have been Popcaan in this Video

You are probably bouncing to this happy pop tune "Should have been Me" by British Producer Naughty Boy featuring Kyla and Jamaica's own Popcaan.

This horn infused tune has Popcaan taking a leaf from Sean Paul's book and jumping on the collab train  and finding success particular in the British and European Market. Popcaan di Unruly Boss with jus a a few bars adds a winning flavour to a big chune.

The video for this one is very cinematic and well shot in Kampala, Uganada  but we a pree it  and can't understand how this was  green lighted. the video has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with the song.

The song is all about love and relationships only relationship  we see is this is a new found passion for skateboarding.

Pretty video,  nice imagery but nothing to do with  the reality . Check Poppy's lyrics " Mi guess that a so di ting go , a brand new girl me a swing to ......" Wi nuh see how dat factor in the video

The song SHOT still but they could a fly down to Jamaica we could a give dem some nice Jamaican girls to feature up in di video

Next time link wi fas,  wi have ideas a flow like Dunns River.............Maaaad

Friday, February 24, 2017

Alkaline Real or Not the Badness is the Brand

Fast rising DJ Alkaline (aka Earlan Bartley)  had a mixed bag recently in the press but if you call any publicity a good thing the man is doing well building a brand. Having recently spent some time in hold up based on potential information he had on a murder investigation, if nothing else it helped to cement his developing image of the real Bad Bwoy of Dancehall.  He also along with Jay Will recently celebrated the  Video of the Year for "City"  at the Youth View Awards a ceremony in its 10th year that has attained some level of notoriety especially among the young pop culture of Jamaica.

So lets deal with the music which is a part of the brand and image. The "CITY" video is no surprise for the fully tatted lanky DJ graduate of Ardene High who has positioned himself to be the heir apparent to Vybz Kartel. Interesting visuals bouncing back and forth between New York and Kingston. If you had any doubt about his attitude the video tells it all, pree the 0.37 time mark where he kind of warns his Vendetta Crew who is in charge...... don't move ahead of the boss. lol

We say if it is badness is the image, you on the right track , di brand is UP, real or otherwise....maaaad

Thursday, January 26, 2017

I Would Like Dat Sexy Body

Whats up Mad Peeps we back to nice up di place Big up all di fans dem and all the a/cs too. Blessings to all for the new year we have got all your well wishes and feedback and thanks for di support  especially our overseas fans in France and Australia as usual we intend to please with mad passion. So lets get this place LIT for the 2017

Y'all probably heard this new jam "I Would Like" and something in the back of your head saying where I know that chorus from it sounds familiar. Yes mad peeps its from a dancehall staple but might sound different in its new Pop -R&B stylings. The song features new Swedish sensation Zara Larsson, released in November 2016 it is becoming a hit worldwide it and is currently Number 2 on the UK Singles chart with a bullet.

Ok if you good, the chorus is from "Dat Sexy Body" by Sasha featured on the Tony "CD" Kelly produced mega hit "Book Shelf" riddim back in 1998. Sasha went on to record her biggest hit "I am Still in Love with You" on Sean Paul's  multi-platinum "Duty Rock" album. Sasha became a Christian in 2008 and  now longer sings secular music,  she did leave a musical legacy that resurfaces big time in 2017.

So the search for do over of classic reggae and dancehall songs continues Beiber, Tory Lanez who next ....maaaaaaad,

Monday, October 10, 2016

This is GRIME mixed with a little Dancehall, GRIMY and We LOVE it

You know when find a piece of music and it just moves u it has to be shared, not played on the radio at all in Jamaica  but from you hear it you know its different and special. So that's how we found this classic Garage Skank Freestyle from Kano. It has a cool loop built into the track and then Kano's grime delivery on the beat is a combinations that maaaad works

Grime is a genre of music that emerged in East London in the early 2000 it is influenced and stylized by UK garage, drum and bass, hip hop and dancehall.

You cant ignore the dancehall influence all over.

Not sure if we understand all of lyrics but what we do love is the Shabba Ranks, Bad Man Tings, Two Gun Fingers  etc all inspired lyrics. 

This video also proves you can do an inexpensive video, fan contributed and its still has a fun vibe to it,the tune slap weh.....Maaaaaaaaad thats with 8 "a"s

Sunday, October 2, 2016


This post has nothing to do with Mad Music although you could see yourself driving to this  sequence with your Alpine stereo bumping at MAX the latest from Popcaan, Calvin Harris, Avcii  and Busy Signal.

Its finally here for those who know this could be the best yest in the Gymkhana series Number 9 baby and  damn does it look GOOD. Let Ken Block loose in an Industrial park and let the magic happen.

The visuals and slo mo shots are stunning .

Nothing more needs to be said ......maaaaaaaaaaaad mi tell u

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Bieber and Major Lazer channel the Dancehall

Yes Mad Peps the visuals are here , the dancehall infused pop track Cold Water is hot out of the oven and no surprise Jamaica is showcased. From the wardrobe to the choreography its dancehall in its element....maaaaaad.

Although Major Lazer, Justin Bieber nor MO are anywhere in the video we don't mind enjoying the ladies and there is plenty of cold water. No Pun intended but btw shot on location in Iceland... brrrr.

The  song is the lead single from Major Lazer's fourth studio album, Music Is the Weapon featuring Canadian artist Justin Bieber and Danish singer MØ. Major Lazer no stranger to the reggae and dancehall inspired beats have crafted a definite Banger.

MAD MUSIC FACT the song is written by no less than eight people including Ed Sheeran and is based on a true and tragic story of a a girl that jumped overboard during Diplo's label Mad Decent Boat Party

Monday, September 19, 2016

Hottest Dance in Jamaica right now is no Joke

Whaddup Mad Music Fans the vibes are Up Up Up in the dancehall as usual. We constantly a pre the dancehall trends for whats new and fresh and going to make an impact globally. And and as you know litteraly every week another dance is created in the Dancehall but some dances just stand out and  stand the test of time.( Bogle, Pon di River , Butterfly etc) right now you can tell a song a shot  when you have not one but two songs bigging up the the dance . That Dance people is the LOL. 

First there is RDX song by the same name. you know it is good when everybody can catch the dance young old and especially di ladies this dance  a run di place 
The dance was created and features the "Tuff a Lie" Dancers from Arnett Gardens. LOL has been out from summer and is now taking root everywhere .....maaaaaaad 

Then from it lik Ding Dong put his own version in maaad respect to the dance

Coming soon to your next Justin Bieber or Rhi Rhi video memba me tell u...... Another maaad moment in Music