Big Up for the Week

Big Up for the Week
This week we want to Big up all our fans from Russia, and all the hot beds of reggae Moscow and St. Petersburg

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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Afro Beats meets Dancehall

Yes Jamaica's dancehall darling Ceccile finds herself again on the dance tip with this Afro beat shot "Like It". The video shot on location at Hellshire Jamaica and an "undisclosed" ganja farm has a fun dancing vibe and lots of nice drone shots to keep it interesting.

A buffed out Richie Loop is on the single but he sure has changed his looked nearly never recognize the man

DJ Stutter is a German DJ out of Dubai a more diverse cultural mix you couldn't find.

Most interesting shot the dance scene in front of the plastic bottle garbage, art or reality?

Cecile's daughter even makes a cameo in the video, she is the one running holding the flag. 

Afro beats is  a music genre developed out of Nigeria and West African musical styles, such as highlife and yoruba, with American funk and jazz, it tends to focus on chanted vocals and percussion. It also obviously has traces of reggae and dancehall,  just watch the dancing and the movement

The most familiar crossover Afro beats  song you may know is  Ayo Jay's Your Number which is maaaaaad popular  even if you can't  follow what he is saying. Don't worry part of it is in West African pidgin English.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Selfie goes Dancehall Style

The influence of Dancehall is all over this video. First the production is from Dancehall's crossover kings Major Lazer featuring Party Next Door who is Canadian by birth but whose parents are Jamaican. He performed in Jamaica last year at the Major Lazer concert in Kingston probably trying to rediscover his Caribbean roots. Then comes reggae's perennial fan Nicki Minaj spitting some dancehall bars before switching back to her rapping voice. We nah lie di chune baaad!!!!!!

Fuse magazine gave it a positive review to the song, writing, "Minaj and Party bring their Trinidadian and Jamaican roots to the track, as the rapstress drops boastful verses laced with swagger, sex appeal and patois."

Spin magazine commented that the song used "dancehall -inspired production that Drake pimped and Tory Lanez bit."

Jamaicans just say it is Dancehall STR8 no matter how you dress it up

Ok the video is about a society so self absorbed in their phones and taking selfies that they are like zombies. Great concept, but we wouldn't be surprised if they took inspiration even further from Dancehall's new dance Hero Dance released months prior to their video

Some of you may not know about the Hero dance but it features one of Dancehall's most popular character's Facebook Hero and Dancehall's daggering and dancing crazy man, Marvin the Beast trying their hand at becoming recording artists. Don't get it twisted these men are well known in Jamaican Dancehall circles for their respective crafts.

If you don't know about Facebook hero aka World Dawg ....Tanntanan back at you again...  make sure you follow him on the gram for some Dancehall inspired comedy @world_dawg.

And then if you want Dancehall dancing WWE style check out the "professional" antics of Marvin the Beast on insta @marvinthe beast_ or check him out on YouTube but be warned this man no easy.
 Its MUSIC at its Maaaaaaadest     

Thursday, April 6, 2017

The Marleys' cant Lose

This week we showcase a double douse of Marley Mania.

But first in case you hadn't heard, there is a controversy concerning Kendall Jenner (daughter of the Kris Jenner and part of the Kardashian Klan) whose recent Pepsi commercial was pulled and an apology issued after social media responded very negatively that the ad was "tone deaf" and sought to capitalize and trivialize recent social demonstrations by Black Lives Matter.

Watch the commercial for yourself

Seriously we don't really see the controversy, it s a silly commercial, for a soda. But we don't pree the political and social undertow what moves us even more is the MUSIC. Probably the  next biggest causality is more people wont get to hear this hit of a song "Lion" by Skip Marley (son of Cedela Marley and grandson of Bob).

In Jamaica we have have a saying the Marley's bread butter on both sides its more like on all four sides. Seriously though although the Marley name opens doors and gives them access to the very best in musicians,  you cant deny this Marley has TALENT, What is uncanny the similarity in tone to his grandfather.

Already creating a buzz with his pop collab with Katie Perry with Chained to the Rhythm we see this Marley as destined for the stars, Skip a diii Man.

On to the next Marley, BTW are we the only one that didn't recognize Stephen Marley's voice initially on another potential hit song " Options" with Pit Bull. Shot on location in Jamaica including at Tuff Gong Studios this is a great song showing the range of Stephen Marley already an accomplished producer/songwriter performer in his own right.

The Marley's creating MaaaaaaD Music

Thursday, March 30, 2017

This MIx is Turnt UP

Its BRING THE FUN FRIDAY and we have the place TURNT UP with EDM. Big up to all DJs  that are fans and friends of the blog, DJ Kurt Riley, DJ Skaii, DJ Arif Cooper, DJ Denvo , DJ Nadz, DJ Yellow Kid to name a few.

Check out this birds eye view of a true DJ working the 1 and 2s.....maaad  DJ Fitme (14M views cant be wrong)

Many of you non DJs may not appreciate the skill involved in playing music, this video allows you to see the magic as it happens this is a maaaaad mix,  great blending of songs

So DJ 101 you will notice the cross fader at the bottom is left open (in the middle) and the DJ is just  adjusting the volume on the two channels. In Hip Hop and Dancehall  there is more switching of the cross fader from one source to another.

Lots of knob turning going on........all that turning of the knobs is typical to mixing EDM and House music, it is adjusting the treble and especially the bass signal on the music from the various sources so that it doesn't clash with the mix and it comes out clean.

The Blue knob at the bottom is the Colour knob that adds as the name suggests sound colour to the music, it can be programmed for  different effects. The yellow light below the colour knob is the cue that allows the DJ to hear the audio before he opens it on the mixer

How do we know all this, well I am a weekend DJ my past includes even playing at Hedonism II so its all about the music maaaan

Let the  Party begin...............................

Monday, March 27, 2017

Can you handle it for One Hour

Could you listen to the the same song for a 1 hour  at a time. That's cray. Surprising there are a lot of music on You Tube that cater to just that desire.

We laughed at it at first but on further listen we found it can work

So here is our best example

Are you with Me  Lost Frequencies  play this song in the background while you are work and see  if you get tired of it......We found it quite engaging and time passed like it was nothing

Other popular ones are R. City and Adam Levine Locked Away


And other sing along classics like Ride twenty One pilots 

But in our opinion too much lyrics becomes monotonous we prefer to let the riddim play .....there are even 10 hour loop of Chain smokers Closer. We don't get it with so much music in the universe you choose 1 song for 10 hours but stranger things have happened in this MaaaD music world.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Clean Bandit steals the formula for Crossover

Whats up Mad Music Lovers , Free  Up  Friday is is here so lets get it poppin. Today we throw some spotlight on Sean Paul. Firstly Congrats to Dutty Paul and his wife Jinx on the recent birth of their son, Levi Blaze. We see Sean's Legacy is Still every "Blazin"

Well Sean continues his formula for pop success with this collab, Rockabye with the group Clean Bandit. The song is about hardships of single mothers and obviously  refers to the nursery rhyme of the same name.
The song became Clean Bandit's first number one single in Australia, Austria, Finland, Germany, the Republic of Ireland, New Zealand and Switzerland. Also in the US it reached Number One on Billboard's  Dance/Mix Show Airplay.

Like the lip sych sequence to Sean Pauls' verse wonder how many takes they needed to catch it right..LOL

This is not the first Clean Bandit's dabble with Dancehall you might recall they did another chart hit with Stylo G on Come Over .BTW  Stylo G is one of the dancehall artist who is  more recognized for his music outside of Jamaica more than within.

We like how they integrate the strings into the music it is no surprise that  Clean Bandit are considered  an electronic, classical crossover, pop band.....maaaad kewl

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Can you Shuffle?

Hey Mad Peeps have you every seen the new variation of the Shuffle dance. It has the pulse and tempo of new EDM music and fits right in with the hard hitting bass drums and 140-160 beats per minute pace with some really cool dance moves.  

Here is a snippet of some Shuffle dance moves ....MAAAAD MI  TELL U

Too lazy to edit this so just watch the first dance sequence unless you really like EDM and POP Trance music then you can listen on but the sparkle is finished after 3min 20seconds

The Dance has its background in the Melbourne Shuffle (also known as Rocking or simply The Shuffle) and is a rave and club dance from the late 1980s in the underground rave music scene in Melbourne, Australia. The basic movements in the dance are a fast heel-and-toe action with a style that lends itself to today's various types of electronic music. 

It has evolved in recent years where it is mostly based on keeping in time with bass beats and more arm movements. You will notice it incorporates elements of "running man". The Shuffle has been seen in the past remember "Party Rockers Anthem" by LMFAO well same thing but it continues to develop with variations to the faster paced music.

It kinda cool wi nah lie maaaad what music can mek u do....Try it

Monday, February 27, 2017

Should have been Popcaan in this Video

You are probably bouncing to this happy pop tune "Should have been Me" by British Producer Naughty Boy featuring Kyla and Jamaica's own Popcaan.

This horn infused tune has Popcaan taking a leaf from Sean Paul's book and jumping on the collab train  and finding success particular in the British and European Market. Popcaan di Unruly Boss with jus a a few bars adds a winning flavour to a big chune.

The video for this one is very cinematic and well shot in Kampala, Uganada  but we a pree it  and can't understand how this was  green lighted. the video has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with the song.

The song is all about love and relationships only relationship  we see is this is a new found passion for skateboarding.

Pretty video,  nice imagery but nothing to do with  the reality . Check Poppy's lyrics " Mi guess that a so di ting go , a brand new girl me a swing to ......" Wi nuh see how dat factor in the video

The song SHOT still but they could a fly down to Jamaica we could a give dem some nice Jamaican girls to feature up in di video

Next time link wi fas,  wi have ideas a flow like Dunns River.............Maaaad