Big Up for the Week

Big Up for the Week
This week we want to Big up all our fans from Russia, and all the hot beds of reggae Moscow and St. Petersburg

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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Big Shaq with More Fire

Whaddup Mad Music fans been gone for a minute but back in the spot with more Mad Music to blow up your speakers.

Well we told you about Biq Shaq when he just BUSS and now 267M Youtube views later the Man Still Not Hot.

So here comes the baddest follow up, fresh out of the studio "Man Don't Dance". Boasting a better flow and a bad ass beat this seems a worthy second single to his successful debut. I predict this one is destined for Higher Heights on the radio and in the dance as the Big Shaq character continues his rise in this crazy music industry.

 You cant deny this one and when the video comes out it going to Shell, Shell Shell, maaaaaad......Skidiki-pap-pap. Skrrrrah!

Friday, March 30, 2018

Dancehall in the Super Bowl and Other Dancehall Flavours

Fresh off the boat comes 2 Dancehall influenced new music projects we thought you may like.

First there is a  new track from super producer Calvin Harris  featuring Party Next Door (of Caribbean parentage) sampling heavily from the dancehall genre.The video is kinda generic they need to get Desha Ravers to help them out but the track is not bad.

Then just in case you missed it Dancehall was featured in the super bowl commercial this year. yes it is this Diet Coke ad introducing new Twisted Mango flavour they somehow wanted a " tropical tune' to complement the visuals. The talent has NO sense of timing much less how to negotiate a dancehall riddim but we are liking the vibe. This interestingly awkward  commercial features the dancehall infused" Long Distance" by Sam Gellantry a 17 year old Scottish producer,

If you don't recognize it's SHABBA  on the track. Its a sample taken from "Telephone Love Deh Pon Mi Mind" featuring JC Lodge.

Here is the full song without the crazy dancing...LOL.....MAAAAD 

Thursday, March 15, 2018

More Dancehall Flavour in your Ear (RIP Craig Mack)

Whats up Mad peeps its TGIF Time to Get Funky Friday again and we found some more beats and bounce for your dancehall ears.

Some of you might know Lil Yacthy a US rapper and singer who is best known for hit song "Broccoli"  with DRAM. He calls his  his style "Bubblegum Trap."

Rolling Stone described his music as "catchy, intentionally dinky-sounding tunes packed with off-color boasts delivered in a proudly amateurish singsong."
Him kinda on a different level musically, what we don't get is why him call himself Lil Yacthy he obviously is a big ass man.

Anyway we find he is channeling his dancehall roots to  carry his music to the next level. Check this new song  "Worry No More" it has a nice pop/ dancehall vibe to it featuring Santigold and produced by 1/3 of Major Lazer, Diplo who is already a well established fan and producer of dancehall crossover.....MAAAAD mi tell unuh

So if you had any doubt about the Jamaican influence pree this other video shot on location at Frenchman's Cove and Somerset Falls in the beautiful parish of Portland, Jamaica and featuring new Dancehall inspired flavour of the month Stefflon Don and a cameo by the Unruly Boss Popcaan.....MAD

Thursday, February 1, 2018

This is the definition of the BIGGest and BADDest Party

Whaddup u know we switch it up musically so this week is an EDM feature but if you listen carefully the Jamaican influence is in there too.

Forgot what you  have heard about Ultra in Miami, Tomorrowland is the biggest and baddest music festival in the world. its not just a festival its an out of this world experience.

Tomorrowland is an electronic dance music festival held in Boom, Belgium. It stretches over 2 weekends because of the sheer size of people who want to attend and usually sells out in minutes.  400,000 persons attended last year with performances on 16 different stages. Brussels Airlines had 140 additional flights from 67 different cities around the world to get festival goers with 214 different nationalities to Boom, Belgium. Its Massive

The sets, the lights, the spectacle.....MAAAD

If you have time  watch this clip (about an hour long but truss its worth it) it features a classic performance by  the number  1 DJs in the world Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike. It has everything that Tomorrowland  represents costumed  dancers, fireworks, theatrics, pyrotechnics and oh yeah great dance music , the Energy is off DA CHAIN, Maaaad

Enjoy its LIT

If you want the shorter version of what Tomorowland is like check out this after movie to catch the vibe...................Maaaaaaaaaaaaaad

Friday, January 26, 2018

Dancehall and Hip Hop - New Levels

Spice .... scorn dem has expanded her repertoire and her brand recently celebrating over 1 million followers on YouTube. Spice a very active artist on IG and social media understands her market and caters to a wider audience. Showing she can switch it up just as bad as Nicki Minaj. Check out this Trap - Dancehall fusion track  "Duffle Bag"

Then there is also video thats baaad AF .  A local Jamaican rapper Jakal delivers on this hardcore track. Straight from the streets with fire

Jakal  has been creating a buzz underground and on the streets. A truly real character he has no shame in telling you he is a deportee from Yonkers, NY but has embraced his destiny and now merges his hardcore rap with dancehall to bring a new flavour to the scene .

Killing  em ...musically that is

 (Warning Explicit Material)


To understand more about Jakal the man and the music you can watch this interview...Maad

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Anything you can do SHE can do better

Whats up Peeps wi deh here

This week we showcase a true multi talented Jamaican,  comedienne, actress, singer , actress, television host, m.c, artist, vlogger and live wire personality "Bella Blair" She is back at it again with another music gem that is ahead of its time

The second single to be released "I Can  Do Better" is a  empowering women's anthem with a very international sound and production on point, dis ya tune truly shows her vocal range while switching it up with a pop styling with true yard style dancehall. Plus the video shot, the first few bars alone  sell off the song. Probably wont get much play on local radio as it is way beyond the traditional format of local radio but we guaranteed it will be played on progressive radio and playlists worldwide.....Gwann Bella.................Maaaad

Pree the video Some Mad Music facts about Bella Blair

She first began performing in the arts at age four and won her first award for her dub-poetry.

She is a former Rising Stars contestant and debuted her musical talent at the Magnum Dream Live event in Negril in July 2016.

Her father is a visual artist and her mother a free spirit, fueling her artistic nature.

She has performed backing vocals for many reggae stars including Christopher Martin

Friday, January 5, 2018

Give it to me "Three Times"....Toots, Tyres and Jamaica

Hey guys its another Feel Good Friday. We got overwhelming positive feedback on our last post so we did one better. We showcase a classic reggae tune by Toots Hibbert and beautifully  paired with  visuals of trail biking through Jamaica.  I am assuming you didn't know we have  active trail biking here in Jamaica but trust me its BIG.

Some Mad Music Facts the Fat Tyre Festival is Jamaica's longest running mountain bike event. Started in the mid-1990's as a development activity of Rusty's Xcellent Adventures in Negril, it gained popularity since 2007. The 2018 Fat Tyre Festival dates will be February 17-24, 2018. So Maaad check it out

Some Mad Music Facts on Toots and the song 

Frederick Nathaniel "Toots" Hibbert, O.J. is a Jamaican singer known as the leader for the reggae and ska band Toots & the Maytals.The Maytals became one of the more popular vocal groups in Jamaica in the 1960s.
In 1966 he was sentenced to 18 months in prison for possession of marijuana. This experience provided the inspiration for one of his best known songs, "54-46 That's My Number".

54 46 That's My Number was one of the first ska songs to receive widespread popularity outside Jamaica and is seen as being one of the defining songs of the reggae genre.It has been sampled and covered numerous times in popular culture  including the Clash, Aswad, Major Lazer and Foxy Brown.

Now enjoy

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Thats Why We Love Jamaica !

Whats up Mad Music people, this post is just a beauty to behold great cinematography, an inspiring musical bed and engaging photography. Words can express how inspiring this piece is, capturing Jamaica in all its natural beauty. Shot by cyclist adventurer Matt Dennison it features Blue Mountains- Portland, Treasure Beach-St. Elizabeth, James Bond Beach-St.Mary among other cool locations around Jamaica

Thats why we love Jamaica ....maaaaaaaaaaad