Big Up for the Week

Big Up for the Week
This week we want to Big up all our fans from Russia, and all the hot beds of reggae Moscow and St. Petersburg

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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Bieber and Major Lazer channel the Dancehall

Yes Mad Peps the visuals are here , the dancehall infused pop track Cold Water is hot out of the oven and no surprise Jamaica is showcased. From the wardrobe to the choreography its dancehall in its element....maaaaaad.

Although Major Lazer, Justin Bieber nor MO are anywhere in the video we don't mind enjoying the ladies and there is plenty of cold water. No Pun intended but btw shot on location in Iceland... brrrr.

The  song is the lead single from Major Lazer's fourth studio album, Music Is the Weapon featuring Canadian artist Justin Bieber and Danish singer MØ. Major Lazer no stranger to the reggae and dancehall inspired beats have crafted a definite Banger.

MAD MUSIC FACT the song is written by no less than eight people including Ed Sheeran and is based on a true and tragic story of a a girl that jumped overboard during Diplo's label Mad Decent Boat Party

Monday, September 19, 2016

Hottest Dance in Jamaica right now is no Joke

Whaddup Mad Music Fans the vibes are Up Up Up in the dancehall as usual. We constantly a pre the dancehall trends for whats new and fresh and going to make an impact globally. And and as you know litteraly every week another dance is created in the Dancehall but some dances just stand out and  stand the test of time.( Bogle, Pon di River , Butterfly etc) right now you can tell a song a shot  when you have not one but two songs bigging up the the dance . That Dance people is the LOL. 

First there is RDX song by the same name. you know it is good when everybody can catch the dance young old and especially di ladies this dance  a run di place 
The dance was created and features the "Tuff a Lie" Dancers from Arnett Gardens. LOL has been out from summer and is now taking root everywhere .....maaaaaaad 

Then from it lik Ding Dong put his own version in maaad respect to the dance

Coming soon to your next Justin Bieber or Rhi Rhi video memba me tell u...... Another maaad moment in Music 


Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Everybody a Pree the Dancehall

Yes Mad Music fans what a way the Dancehall music influential and powerful. Close on the success of Beiber's sorry, Rh Rhi's Werk Werk Werk and Drake's Views From the 6 everyone  wants a piece of the reggae and dancehall action. Trust me I live here and EVERY WEEK another pop, hip hop and EDM artist is here recording a new album, a new video or just to hold a vibes.The musical energy in the small island is maaaaaad crazy

The latest is West coast rapper Tyga , known more recently for his on and off again girlfriend Kylie Jenner and drama with baby mother Blac Chyna but still having a maaad crazy flow to keep him relevant in the ever competitive rap game . So Tyga has found his "Jamaican papers" and says his great great grandfather was Jamaican so he wants to reconnect to his roots. Just joking I think he said his father is Jamaican but you get the point.

Check out he video shot at multiple locations in Jamaica giving a real local flavour , the locations include Blue Lagoon in Portland and Duhaney Park.

Maaad funny observation, interesting when American's try and  speak patois it has a totally different sound. calling a man a " batty bwoy" sounds so unaggressive in Tyga's lyrics check out the 2:06 time-mark.

Oh yeah BTW just in case you were wondering Amina Blue is not Jamaican (not sure how she  reach in the video) she is a 23-year-old model of German and Pakistani descent who currently lives in Brooklyn.Trust me you don't see girls like her round town.

Anyhow we nah fight the thing as we say imitation is the highest form of flattery so Tyga do your thing and we hope to see you back again soon (don't do us like Snoop Lion).

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

I am Lucky Cause I live in Jamaica

Str8 out of Jamaica comes the musical debut of multi talented  actress, comedian, blogger, personality Toni Blair aka Bella Blair with an ode to everything Jamaican. Love the video the visuals together with Bella's engaging personality lights up the screen and gives you a real authentic Jamaica vibe. Love her outfit,  representing  to the max and memorable edits like the butterflies and the scene with her jumping in her heels.

The beat is not traditional reggae a kind-of hybrid electro funk mix, there is a dub version of the song which is much better. This song will do well in Europe not sure if Jamaican radio is ready for this forward thinking beat.

The song shows great growth  for a talent we love and think will grow from strength to strength. Jamaica to di werl we seh Bella

Plus here are some pictures from her launch in Kingston, Jamaica held at CRU Bar with a live band back up  she presented a good showcase of her musical material. Another song previewed with potential was "Anything U can Do I can do Better" a cheating song with a catchy hook, 


Sunday, April 10, 2016

You can't escape the Dancehall roots

Another banger for you, this one will keep you going in da club, this is da jam. Another One from the Terror Squad with a more than liberal sprinkling of  maaad Jamaican influences in this song

 See if you can hear  it...that horn loop is maaad catchy too..............

Pree Fat Joe's verse top shotta... I keep a few tings, Champion sound I got a few rings.... Joe been hanging with those NY Jamaicans....we see you.... go easy

Then the whole concept of the song all the way up seems very familiar to Waaaaay Up the current slang and dance made popular by Chi Ching Ching

The whole song is not surprising remember a few years back there was another Terror squad collabo which more than liberally borrowed "the "Rockaway" dance move and renamed it the now popular crossed over dance called "the Lean Back"

Imitation is the highest form of flattery......maaaaaaad

We nah fight the the ting but maaaad respect Joe we see uh a do you thing you song going ALL THE WAAAY UP!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 3, 2016

The BADDEST dancehall track of the1990s

Maaaad , this tune is timeless. a great song with endless vibes, un-debatably the BIGGEST dancehall tune of the 1995.... Anything for you All Star remix

Everyone loves the chorus for this song featuring a sample of Everybody plays the fool, Anything for You featured a then unknown white Canadian DJ Snow. who was best known for his 1992 single "Informer", which reached No. 1 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100.

First the original

but the ALL Star Remix Laaawd have Mercy.....Maaaad mi fi tell you. I remember being in Cactus nightclub in its hey days 90s Friday after work jam and when this song played the energy level went up up up.....,it nuh normal.

Some mad interesting facts the song produced at Penthouse studios by the super talented Tony Kelly was recorded at the same time as the video shoot so what you are seeing are the actual takes used in the song. Everybody loves the Beenie and Buju verses but no one really gets to hear or knows Kulture Knox verse (a casualty of being too far down the track)

The song never hit Billboard but was a yard favourite reaching #1on the Jamaican charts  and became the top-selling single of 1995.

Where are they now
Buju's sentence was recently commuted by 2 months and Nadine Sutherland riding high after  a commanding performance on Shaggy & Friends showing she is still a force in reggae music today,  she just released  her latest single Inna Mi Blood a soulful conscious tribute produced by the Mad Professor at Ariwa records.

Beenie Man remains the King of the Dancehall still putting out perennial hits, Terror Fabolous off the scene for a minute but still has that distinct vocals and the Ole Ganga Lee Louie Culture has been missing from the recording world since the 90s.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Rhianna's Work Work Work - STR8 FIRE

Its finally here the visuals for Rhi Rhi "Work Work Work"or as she says it "Werk Werk Werk".If there was any doubt as to what genre this song was all questions are answered. In an ode to all things Jamaican this sultry dancehall inspired video does the job.... Waaaaaaay up .

Maaaad interesting she has made 2 versions of the video (running back to back). The first is very "JAMAICAN" , then for those of her fans who has never been exposed to such an experience there is a somewhat milder and more universal version still edgy as we expect from the badgyal Rhinana.

Couple of things to note

Sure Rhianna is going to get flak from her Bajan people but to her credit she represents Barbados in the video see if you spot it

She and Drake have great chemistry on screen very natural, like their actually having fun

In the second video is it me or her boobs

The video is directed by noted Canadian director  Little X  who is known to have brought maaaad creative  energy to dancehall many times before notably through breakthrough Sean Paul "Gimmi the Light".

Enjoy ( Explicit version)

Just in case you forgot this is not their first dancehall / rap fusion crossover.


Friday, February 12, 2016

Dancehall Fusion Up Up UP

LOVE the Dancehall fusion vibes in the air right now! Dancehall is Up Up Up

Fresh in the vibe of Rhianna and Drake"Work Work Work" comes this hit from AlunaGeorge featuring Popcaan "I'm in Control".AlunaGeorge are an English electronic music duo from London, consisting of Aluna Francis (vocals) and George Reid (production)

One thing about England they have a maaaad appetite and respect for Dancehall music and it is manifested again in this hit song. We spoke about  just last week Sigala "Say you Do"and now this song set up as Number 4 on the BBC R1 Dance Charts with a bullet.

The video initially looked like Jamaica (especially the intro instrumental) but most Jamaicans having seen the first few frames would have known it wasn't Jamaica. Still Caribbean and still maaad  representing.

Interesting how Jamaican patios curse words get away when people have no idea whats being said ;-)

See some of the comments online:

Only draw back no Unruly up in the video

Part of this new style of videos which I call "Keeping it Real" and "In the Streets" it reminds me of a similar sound and video that Major Lazer did for Get Free..MAAAD ENERGY