Big Up for the Week

Big Up for the Week
This week we want to Big up all our fans from Russia, and all the hot beds of reggae Moscow and St. Petersburg

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Thursday, October 19, 2017

New Music, the Good, Bad and ... You decide?

New visuals this week the Mad Music continues to be dynamic. We found these 3 new music visuals keeping it Dancehall and Hype. Not sure any of these are going to be BIG hits but give us your feedback.

1st up Vybz Kartel advocate, supporter and friend Busta" Bus a Bus" Rhymes finally lands a colab  with Vybz and Torey Lanez. This one has a nice beat, but the  numerous stops and starts to the video breaks the flow. Although there are cameos from Beenie Man, Junior Reid, Foota Hype Sizzla and a bag of Jamaican artists the dialogue and over use of "patois" doesn't come across at all as natural.

Then there is this new one from Popcaan and Kyla. Fo rthose who dont know  Kyla, is a British house music singer in the UK funky subgenre. She is best known for her song "Do You Mind" which became one of the most successful charting UK funky songs and was later featured on Drake's 2016 international hit "One Dance".

Finally we have the two "Jamericans" who are holding on to their Jamaica roots to try and get a further foothold in the hip-pop market. Sean Kingston who from day one embraced his heritage in his stage name and then Safaree previously known as Niki Minaj's Hypeman but now carving a name for himself as a rapper and regular staple in the dancehall. 

Friday, September 29, 2017

We RUN Tings, Tings nuh RUN we

Yes the dancehall culture continues to permeate and propagate to the most unlikely places. This week a clip of MSNBC anchor Ari  Melber quoting a  popular Jamaican saying that went viral. Melber was  describing the current  situation in the US congress concerning the repeal of Obamacare and Senator John McCain seems quite funny but it shows how far and some of the more unusual places Jamaican culture and music has reached...pree this 


So it got us thinking where did this saying from, who created it and when did it start. Our research carries up back of course to the best reflection of popular culture the dancehall. Jump back in the time machine to 1988 when a young up and coming DJ , Flourogan did a song with the title " We Run Tings.......Check it out

Then it became even more main stream when it was featured in the classic Jamaican film "Third World Cop" featuring the hero cop, Capone played devilish well by Paul Campbell. Watch the preview with a host of young DJs  including Hawkeye, Elephant Man, Harry Toddler and Ninja man.  The song was also done over in 199 by Sly & Robbie with Red Dragon who btw is Flourgon's brother as part of the soundtrack for the film which you also hear playing as the musical bed for this promo..

Mad Music........Music the Rhythm of the People  where will it reach next

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Dancehall never ever sounded like this!!!

Who said Dancehall isn't versatile' dem lie,  I have been listening and am pleasantly surprised how the new Dancehall artists are showing their true talent and versatility in recent recordings way outside the traditional reggae and dancehall arenas.

I found these musical SHOTS recently not getting airplay in Jamaica, probably doesn't fit the traditional limited formats we have. But "trust" each one of these is a straight musical backflip as it puts a Dancehall artist without compromise in totally new genres of music and they don't loose a beat to keep it authentic while adding a kaleidoscope of sound to the these club bangers.

First up the leader of the Reggae Revival Chronixx, btw check out his Chronology Tour currently winding down in the US and Canada and coming to the Caribbean soon. Here he teams up with UK Heavyweights Sub Focus and Rudimental  for a fusion of  reggae, DnB and soul ... maaaad

Then there is Shenseea, the hottest female DJ in Dancehall right now, the "It" girl " who fresh off her Tim Westwood freestyle shows she can rap and DJ with the same intensity. Here she sounds quite polished as she jumps on a Drum n Bass riddim and truly soars. The song has a piano heavy melody and an infectious flute hook,....Maaaaad 

Then sound di alarm for the Unruly one , Popcaan on this Gospel House track with the music legend  Chaka Khan . Yall remember Chak...Chaka..Chakka Khan from the 80s (I Feel for You) a timeless classic. Well she still sounds good and in this unusual pairing that works they grace each other vocals on "Say a Prayer". This song captures a soul-rich gospel sound, an uplifting song with still an emotive feel.

Maaaaaad Music mi tell unoo

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Who is the Badest Rude Gyal

Hey Mad Music fans we back at it with another "Feel Good Friday" banger music selection.
We all know about Bad Girl Rhi Rhi and Jamaican original Bad Gyal Cecille but wait there is another Bad Gyal on the scene creating a buzz.... Demi Lovata.

Check out this new song "Instruction" featuring a samba carnivalesque intro into a dancehall tinged pop tune featuring  Demi Lovato with a bad gyal dancehall verse at the 2 minute mark.

Jax Jones is an English DJ and record producer,  Demi Lovato is an American singer who got her start on the Disney channel  but Lovato chanels her  latin roots and reggae gyal inspiration to catapult this sing to be a summer scorcher.

Interesting concept video but if you know Jax Jones this is his usual visual style of animation, we love the lighter animation, this song is str8 fire we nah Maaaaaad

Thursday, June 22, 2017

We Came here for Happy Music !!

Welcome to the world of Sigala the master of what I like to call  "Feel Good Vibes Music".

Who is Sigala, well he is born Bruce Fielder a 25 year old English DJ, record producer and remixer from Norwich, Norfolk making some great music.

This song "Came Here for Love" featuring Ella Eyre is going to be a  maaad summer song,  we really feel it when asked which is the best part of the song  Sigala  himself said  "The hands in the air moment is probably the 'came here for love' lyric. It's not the drop, but it's the building up to it moment. It's got the pianos and Ella's amazing vocals. It's the bit that puts a smile on my face anyway!"

The whole song and visuals puts a pep in our step. The video is shot in the Mexican town of Pachuca, whose colourful kaleidoscope is a fitting  visual to this happy colourful song.

Sigala is the Master of the happy chords. him hav it LOCK, whether it is the steel pan, brass or synths the composition that makes it mad infectious and happy we just want to DANCE and head to the beach

This is how the city looked before this section was painted. The area was transformed by an artists’ collective known as the German Crew who spent 14 months turning the hillside neighborhood of Las Palmitas into a giant, colorful mural in an effort to bring the working-class “barrio” together and change its gritty image.

Plus check out his other feel good music the 2015 debut hit "Easy Love" featuring a sample of Micheal Jackson's ABC, to show the man has the formula to make us dance

Sigala to de werl wi seh.....maaaad

Friday, June 16, 2017

Reggae Dub Step + Art in a Mad Mash Up

Big up all mad music fans  giving you a remix today.

I love when you integrate 2 art forms into one expressive piece. Check out this dub step  classic  featuring the graffiti work of Sofles a gifted artist out of Australia

The music includes "Feel like jumping" by Marcia Griffiths and "Cocaine" by DJ Butcher   featuring the timeless chorus 'Ring the Alarm' from Tenor Saw.

The art work is Maaaad, it Shell, Awesome, Amazing . Cinematography on point as well

Interesting fact after all this work the building was unfortunately demolished, such a pity.

For our film fans the effect used for this video is called hyper lapse a fast version of time lapse

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Double Dose of Dancehall

We always talk about day in and day out how Dancehall music and culture is pervasive, influential and just plain Shell down di place. Well today we found two nice musical shots that fit right into the jigsaw of pop culture and name drops Jamaican stars and stylings.

Firstly we go to Cali and the up and coming caucasian rapper G Eazy. We think this dude has maaaad potential. You probably know him from his recent  hit song Me, Myself and I with Bebe Rexha.
Ahh yes but today we showcase his new song that not only takes a page from Dancehall (air horns and bass lines) but also Bigs up the Boss "Hugo" Usain Bolt in one of the verses. The lyric is at the 1:01 mark.

Bolt if they didn't know yet people better recognize when u name drop in rhyme  a big ting dat. The song is Down For Me ft. 24hrs. bouncing on a nice minimalist hip hop beat with a "Future like " auto tune chorus.

Then we found this other song "Crying in the Club" by Camilla Cabello which is on the tropical and pop infused dancehall swing tip (seen in Ed Sheerean's, Shape of You and Justin Bieber's Cold Water) this club song....its nice we nah lie. Camila Cabello, is a Cuban-born American singer once a member of the girl group Fifth Harmony, Just in this month Cabello released "Crying in the Club" as the lead single from her forthcoming debut solo album.

Fast forward to the 1:40 when the drum beat drop forgot the long slow intro

Dancehall a lead...Maaaaad

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Afro Beats meets Dancehall

Yes Jamaica's dancehall darling Ceccile finds herself again on the dance tip with this Afro beat shot "Like It". The video shot on location at Hellshire Jamaica and an "undisclosed" ganja farm has a fun dancing vibe and lots of nice drone shots to keep it interesting.

A buffed out Richie Loop is on the single but he sure has changed his looked nearly never recognize the man

DJ Stutter is a German DJ out of Dubai a more diverse cultural mix you couldn't find.

Most interesting shot the dance scene in front of the plastic bottle garbage, art or reality?

Cecile's daughter even makes a cameo in the video, she is the one running holding the flag. 

Afro beats is  a music genre developed out of Nigeria and West African musical styles, such as highlife and yoruba, with American funk and jazz, it tends to focus on chanted vocals and percussion. It also obviously has traces of reggae and dancehall,  just watch the dancing and the movement

The most familiar crossover Afro beats  song you may know is  Ayo Jay's Your Number which is maaaaaad popular  even if you can't  follow what he is saying. Don't worry part of it is in West African pidgin English.